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Breakfast & Food Programs

Hunger is very real in many classroomsHunger has a huge impact on a child's ability to learn and function. When children are hungry, it is hard to focus on what the teacher is saying over their growling stomach and pounding headache. Unfortunately, for too many students this is a daily reality. Thanks to our generous donors, the Foundation can offer breakfast, lunch and snack programs. You are helping school children to focus on their learning.

How Your Donation Helps a Child
Your donation helps feed 1 student, as follows:
$2.50    Breakfast or Lunch for 1 Day
$5         Breakfast & Lunch for 1 Day
$12.50  Breakfast or Lunch for 1 Week
$25       Breakfast & Lunch for 1 Week
$50       Breakfast or Lunch for 1 Month
$100     Breakfast & Lunch for 1 Month

Donations of $20 or more (by phone, cheque, secure online) will receive tax receipts by mail. 


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Breakfast Club of Canada has teamed up with the Schools Foundation and, together, we are able to provide students at 11 schools with a meal to start their day. Hundreds of students at John Barsby Secondary, Nanaimo District Secondary, Wellington Secondary, Bayview Elementary, Brechin Elementary, Georgia Avenue Elementary, Fairview Elementary, Forest Park Elementary, Park Avenue Elementary, Pleasant Vally Elementary, and Seaview Elementary now receive breakfast.
Breakfast Club funding allow us to serve more than 7,400 meals a month at 11 Nanaimo schools!

"A child that comes to school hungry is more likely to have behavioural problems, is less likely to be attentive to what's going on in the classroom. So not only are they not learning but they are disrupting what occurs in the rest of the classroom." 
   - Dr. Paul Hasselback, Medical Health Officer for the mid Vancouver Island region.

School is hard when you're hungry. Please help us feed vulnerable students.

Thank you to the United Way Central and North Vancouver Island for their contribution to this program.  

We work with: Cash donations, Memorial gifts, Endowment/Wills, Life Insurance policies, Securities
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