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Trustees 'Enhanced Learning' Grant

In October 2015 the Trustees 'Enhanced Learning' Grant was established by participating School Trustees, who are personally contributing to it. The small grant is intended to enhance the learning environment for District teachers and students by enabling them to obtain supplies or conduct special learning projects that they might not be able to afford otherwise.

The Trustees 'Enhanced Learning' Grant was created out of recognition that, among other things:
-- Teachers often pay for supplies, furnishings and other items out of their own pockets;
-- Teachers are the heart and soul of our District schools;
-- Trustees want to do more to help SD 68 students succeed;
-- Every $1 invested in K-12 education reaps a far greater financial reward in the future;
-- Small amounts of money can make a big impact in students' learning experiences;
-- Funding for special projects can be difficult to obtain through tight school budgets. 

This small grant (up to $500) is a companion to NLSF's 'District Initiative Grant' (DIG) that is meant for more expensive projects ($2,500-$5,000). Unlike DIG applications that have an April deadline, applications for the Trustees 'Enhanced Learning' Grant are accepted throughout the school year and are awarded based on the inflow of donations from Trustees, as well as the number of applications received.

Projects should be student-focused and designed to enhance student learning or their learning environment. Applications may be initiated by staff or students. Preference will be given to projects that (a) provide a year-over-year return; (b) focus on early learning; (c) are innovative; or (d) are student-driven. Generally, Nanaimo-Ladysmith Schools Foundation will vet each application and will award grants based on funding availability and preference criteria. If there is a significant backlog of applications, a committee of Trustees may provide input into the vetting process. Generally, materials purchased with grant funds will become the property of the school in which the grant(s) are awarded (except consumables such as art supplies, stationary, etc.).

The Trustees 'Enhanced Learning' Grant application process is simple. All that is required is a one-page project description, a list of requested items and costs, project participants, and other information. Delivery of applications is accepted via
-- Email:
-- Mail:  NLSF office, John Barsby Community School, 550 7th Street, Nanaimo, BC  V9R 3Z2

-- Fax:  250-741-8326

Successful grant applicants are required to submit a written report about project results, which will be shared at regular School Board meetings. At those meetings the current balance of the grant funding account will be made public. Trustees encourage successful grant applicants to make oral presentations to the Board (not required) to celebrate and promote education in our District. It is also an opportunity for students and staff to gain public speaking experience in presenting to the Board, media representatives, senior staff, and the general public.

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