We are now accepting applications

from graduating NLPS students

Secure Online Student Awards System

Graduating students from Nanaimo Ladysmith Public Schools (SD 68) are invited to use our secure online Student Award System to apply for Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards provided by generous local donors. The Scholarship Books for high schools in Nanaimo and Ladysmith list more than 460 financial awards, ranging from $100 to $5,000.


Accepting Applications from Monday, January 16, 2023 until Friday, February 24, 2023.

Nanaimo-Ladysmith Schools Foundation

Students from Dover Bay Secondary, John Barsby Community Secondary, Nanaimo District Secondary, Wellington Secondary, Cedar Secondary, IslandConnectED, and Senior Learning Alternatives are eligible to apply for awards listed in the Scholarship Booklets – Nanaimo.

Students from Ladysmith Secondary are eligible to apply for awards listed in the Scholarship Booklets – Ladysmith.

Selection Committees, consisting of school and community members, meet every spring to select award recipients. The Committees attempt to find the best candidate for each award by reviewing the applications submitted while honoring the donors’ requests.

Scholarships: A scholarship is awarded to a student who has demonstrated outstanding overall academic achievement in all courses required for their field of study.

Bursaries: A bursary is awarded to a student with demonstrated financial need as the major determining factor.

Affiliations and Specialty Awards: These awards have specific criteria that the applicant must meet. Awards with separate application forms are selected by the donor.



Many families are struggling to make ends meet leaving students without the adequate supports they need to be successful learning at school or from home.  Your generosity allows us to reach vulnerable students and provide the basic supports they need. Your gift can make a difference in helping a student reach their potential and find success at school.

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Post Secondary Funds for Students in Need

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Making a difference together for students in need


Hunger has a huge impact on a child's ability to learn and function. Unfortunately, this is a daily reality for many students. Thanks to generous donors, the Foundation can offer breakfast, lunch & snack programs.

Scholarships, Bursaries & Awards

Your investment in their education = an investment in your community. Today's graduates are tomorrow's workforce!

Enhanced Learning Initiatives

Generous donors give us the means to fund enhanced learning initiatives where school budgets are tight.

Student Support Fund

Many working families are struggling to make ends meet. Your generosity allows principals and teachers to reach out to vulnerable students and provide support to encourage them to stay in school and succeed. Your gift can mean the difference between a student's success or failure at school.