NLSF Alumni Association

Stay Connected with Nanaimo Ladysmith Public Schools

The Nanaimo Ladysmith Scholarship Foundation (NLSF) is excited to announce the new “NLSF Alumni Association” (NLSFAA).   The Alumni Association will be directly connected to NLSF and will function as a facilitator of information and announcements for Alumni and District supporters.  This program will create connections and share information with past graduates, retired employees and supportive community members.  

Stay connected!

We want to hear from you!! Share some of your significant memories or thoughts you have about the District.  These could be articles, stories, quotes or videos and would be used as content in our newsletter, presentations and social media.  

We look forward to hearing from you and supporting your reconnection to NLSF and Alumni family.  We are excited to offer this opportunity to STAY CONNECTED.

Helping Students be all they can be

Pay it Forward

The Alumni Association will help support vulnerable students through a variety of school-based programs which are provided through NLSF.  Programs such as Food4Schools, Stock the Lockers, and Student Support.  These are a few examples of how NLSF Alumni can “pay it forward” and support the students of the day.  

Thank You Tali Campbell

Tali Campbell’s generous donation of $5000 to the Food4School program will help ensure students receive a healthy breakfast daily at school. As food prices continue to increase, approximately 1 in 4 students will require basic supports at school. For many, the increased cost of school supplies or a healthy breakfast can be a real barrier. Tali, a Fairview Elementary School and John Barsby Community School Alumni is helping lead the way by providing his support to this vital Community program. We are so pleased to have Tali on our team and encourage other Alumni to get involved if they can!

Stock the Lockers


Lifelong relationship

The purpose of NLSFAA is to build, reunite and sustain a lifelong relationship between Nanaimo Ladysmith Public Schools and its enterprising Alumni through the following initiatives:

Providing Opportunities & Success

“I believe strongly that youth are our future, and their education during the K to 12 years is of vital importance. We’re grateful that you partner with us to help give students equal opportunities to succeed in school.”

– Ed Poli, Past NLSF President