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Nanaimo-Ladysmith Schools Foundation


Phone:  250 753-4074

Applicants FAQ

Who is eligible to apply for the Nanaimo-Ladysmith Schools Foundation scholarships?

Graduates of Nanaimo-Ladysmith Public Schools (District 68) who are Canadian citizens or hold permanent residency status in Canada

Are international students eligible to apply for the scholarships?

No, international students, including those on study permits or visas, are not eligible to apply

Which high schools are eligible for the awards listed in the Scholarship Booklets – Nanaimo?

Students from Dover Bay Secondary, John Barsby Community Secondary, Nanaimo District Secondary, Wellington Secondary, Cedar Secondary, IslandConnectED, and Senior Learning Alternatives are eligible to apply for awards listed in the Scholarship Booklet – Nanaimo

Where can students from Ladysmith Secondary find information on eligible awards?

Students from Ladysmith Secondary are eligible to apply for awards listed in the Scholarship Booklet – Ladysmith

Do I need to apply for every award separately? 

NO you don’t! To apply, complete a GENERAL APPLICATION FORM online, which serves as your application for all awards in the booklet, except those selected by the Donor and require additional applications or letters/essays.

How do I apply for Donor Selected Awards?

You must complete a General Application if you’d like to apply for additional awards.  You can find all the ADDITIONAL AWARDS listed here.  Submit a hard copy of all additional information and/or applications,  along with your General Application to your school contact unless otherwise specified in the award descriptions.

Award Recipient FAQ


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Scholarships Bursaries Awards

Scholarships Bursaries Awards

Thank you to the generosity of your donors who have contributed to these awards!